These Filipino Women Farmers from Mindanao Turn Excess Rice Straws Into Eco Bags

Combining creativity and environmental concern has already led to the creation of eco bags made from tetra packs, recycled paper, and other repurposed materials. But have you heard of ones made from rice straws?

rice straw eco bags

Photos: Facebook/PALAI Handmade Paper Industry

Made by Filipina farmers

Filipino women farmers from the group Peoples Action for Liberative Agricultural Industry (PALAI) developed a new type of eco bag made from the by-products of rice plants, also known as rice straws.

This group of organic farmers from Santo Niño, South Cotabato, Philippines advocates for “organic farming, sustainable agriculture, liberative agricultural industry, and providing alternative livelihood to farmers.” Driven by these advocacies, the eco-friendly rice straw bags were brought to life.

Since rice straws are removed from the plant during or after harvest, they are usually burned, fed to livestock, or mixed with soil to turn into compost or fertilizer. Turning them into eco bags would not only maximize the use of these by-products, but could also give additional financial support to our Filipino farmers.

PALAI Chairperson Jethel Kapunan said that “initiatives such as this will be of great help to rice farmers who are still experiencing the impacts of Rice Liberalization.”

Photos: Facebook/PALAI Handmade Paper Industry, Facebook/Masipag Mindanao

“Farmers are true innovators. Check out this Eco-Bag made from Rice Straws, which is the vegetative part of the rice plant (Oryza sativa L.)… This may be crude but it showcases creative innovations farming communities are capable of,” Masipag Mindanao said in a Facebook post.

Support local farmers

Show your support to our local farmers! You may order these eco bags through PALAI’s Facebook page for only PHP 35 each.

You can also get connected to the farmers by messaging Mr. Joffrey Jofax Frinal (Masipag BOT Member) or Mrs. Herminia Beramo Fabay Kapunan on Facebook.

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