These self-aware celebrities deserve more fans for their hot takes

Angel Locsin gives powerful speech at ABS-CBN noise barrage
Photo: AdvocatesOMI; taken by: Anjo Lapresca

Now here’s a set of celebrities we should stan harder.

A handful of local idols recently made headlines for their brave introspections and partiality to the plight of the masses, something that the entertainment industry isn’t known for, but badly needs right now.

Perhaps the most consistently vocal of them has been Angel Locsin. Following the rejection of ABS -CBN’s franchise, Angel has been up and about persuading people to join the call of the thousands of employees who have been laid off because of the ruling. 

In a speech she gave during a recent weekend’s noise barrage in front of the network on Mother Ignacia Street, she called out celebrities who have so far done nothing to forward the network’s cause except post sad faces and act “pa-cute” on their Instagram accounts.

Such a scalding serve that proves she’s not the Darna we deserve, but the Darna we need.

At the same time, the Twitterverse was shaken by the seeming revival of GMA star Jennylyn Mercado. In her recent tweets, she has been vocal about her humility and openness to begin learning about the issues plaguing our society, especially those that escape her privileged space. She even joined the call of Lumad minorities by using the hashtag #StopLumadKillings. 

According to her, to not realize these things is to waste her platform and to disregard the suffering of others. Preach, bessie!

Speaking of realization, actor Jason Abalos also came to his own recently. On Twitter, the actor aired his concern about the government still having the gall to make jokes despite the rising number of positive COVID-19 cases in the Philippines. 

In the same thread, he revealed that he voted for a certain government official because he believed in the forthcoming change he promised, but instead got the opposite.

As more and more celebrities turn their virtual spaces into avenues where they express dissent, willingness to change, and call to action, we approach our own realization: we can’t afford to rely on “good vibes,” “pa-cutes,” and blind obedience to rescue us from poor governance anymore. 

This is exactly what the popular Arab-Israeli vlogger Nas Daily told fellow vlogger Wil Dasovich on the former’s podcast, Nas Talks. He challenged Wil, who tend to evade political issues on his vlogs, to talk about current affairs, to not shy away from negative facts, and to stop being dormant news channels, because these inconvenient truths, no matter how big or small they are, are something we cannot ignore.

There has never been a more appropriate time to say this: “sana all talaga.”

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