This Inspiring New Collection from Papemelroti Will Help You Keep Going

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Photo: Papemelroti

Have you been feeling down in the dumps lately? With everything happening in the world and your life, it’s easy to feel helpless and discouraged. 

That’s why Papemelroti is launching an exclusive summer collection called, “Spotlight on the Affirmations Collection by Robert Alejandro” to help uplift people’s spirits. Made in collaboration with artist and former TV host Robert Alejandro who is also known as Kuya Robert to his fans and art students, this special capsule collection features well-loved Papemelroti products such as badges, notebooks, gift boxes, and coin banks.

Papemelroti | Facebook Live with Robert Alejandro
Photo: Papemelroti

To officially launch the collection, Papemelroti is holding a Facebook Live event on March 20, 3 PM called, “Live with Robert Alejandro: Spotlight on the Affirmations Collection.” At the event, Alejandro will be discussing how he conceptualized this inspiring project, and what makes his designs so unique and beautiful. All viewers of the Facebook Live event will get Papemelroti Affirmation collection giveaways, so you wouldn’t want to miss this!

In case Alejandro looks familiar to you, it’s because he used to be one of the hosts of the hit TV show Art is-Kool, which taught kids the basics of arts and crafts and the beauty of working with their hands. 

In 2016, Alejandro was diagnosed with colon cancer, which he admitted in a recent interview was a blessing in disguise. “I will never forget the pain,” he said. “My life is a miracle. I am surrounded by angels.” Was this collection inspired by his personal experiences? We’ll find out in the Facebook Live event. 

Every product in the Affirmation collection includes words of support to help you triumph whatever challenges you’re facing today. Even though there are storms in your life, it’s nice to have a little bit of encouragement to keep you going. You can even gift items from the collection to people who might need a little boost as well. You can view the entire Affirmations Collection on the Papemelroti website

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