Video of Pinoy’s kilig interaction with an Italian on Omegle resurfaces in time for love month

Way before Tinder came into existence, an online chat website called Omegle was the go-to for those looking for fun conversation (or some kinky action, if you may) with random people online. Yep, Omegle pairs you with strangers online. 

Well, it’s safe to say it takes a whole lot of courage to go to Omegle. But if you’re eager to find your true love online, who knows? Omegle might be the answer! 

Take for example internet star John Fedellega and his interaction with an Italian named Pietro that got everyone feeling kilig. And while the video first made rounds on social media back in July, it recently resurfaced online. Yep, just in time for love month! 

In the said clip, John’s on-point pickup lines left Pietro gushing over and over again. But honestly, who wouldn’t, right? 

“I’m a bad shooter. You know why? Because I keep missing you,” John told Pietro, kicking off his series of banats.  

“You know what? You must be tired,” John told Pietro. Seemingly baffled, Pietro shook his head. Immediately getting Pietro out of confusion, John said: “You are. Because you keep running on my mind.”

Even when John opened up about his sexuality, that didn’t stop Pietro from all giddy with the series of pickup lines thrown at him! See how one’s personality can take you places? Right straight to a person’s heart!

When asked if he’s willing to try having John as his wife, Pietro responded with: “Why not?”

Like what are the chances of randomly finding a person you’ll like or jive with online considering we live in a world inhabited by billions of human beings. 

We don’t know about you, but we definitely said “Sana All!” and put the clip on repeat. RIP replay button! 

As of writing, the video has already garnered more than 10 million views, 545,000 reactions, and 65,000 comments. 

Ugh. We’d love to see John end up with Pietro in the future!


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