WATCH: this 2-year-old’s “A Whole New World” jam was so cute, even Lea Salonga was smitten


It’s no surprise that kids love belting out their favorite Disney songs word for word, but sometimes it becomes that much adorable the lesser words they know.

That’s exactly the kind of cuteness that this two-year-old Disney fan served everyone. In the following clip, she is seen singing “A Whole New World” from the classic Disney movie Mulan through her mother’s laptop, complete with a filter that put tiny birds around her head.

In a story she shared with Philippine Star, mother Christy Garcia said that while she was preparing for her work-from-home job in Digos City, Davao Del Sur, she wasn’t aware that her daughter Eliana had taken over her laptop and had started singing the Disney tune while the “dizzy birds” filter was on.

That’s when she decided to upload the video to “share the good vibes” and that is exactly what the Internet felt. The video garnered more than 144 thousand reactions on Facebook (heart reactions, of course) and 23 thousand shares. 

It got so much traction that it reached the song’s original singer, Lea Salonga. As seen in this tweet, Ms. Lea probably gushed out the most out of all of us. 

The mom also shared that Eliana is a fast learner and has “sharp listening skills,” claiming that she can easily pick up a song’s melody and lyrics. That explains why, at the early age of two, we can already hear most of the song’s lyrics correctly. 

That’s commendable, though we’re honestly just here for the parts where she fumbled and mumbled and words. So darn cute!

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