We Asked, You Answered: When Do People Plan to Go Back to the Mall?

The end of the ECQ is near. Here at FreebiemNL, we wanted to find out if people plan to go back to the mall once the lockdown has been lifted. Hundreds of people participated and here are the results:

Mall Behavior will Change Temporarily

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, most Filipinos visit the mall more than twice a week. Some even trek to it daily to purchase groceries, settle bills, dine at a restaurant, or even just hang out with friends. Due to the ongoing threat and the virality of the sickness, Filipinos are airing on the side of caution.

So Will They Still Go to the Mall or Not?

Believe it or not, most will still do. They want to give it another week or so before they head back, but most are eager to enter the air-conditioned halls of their favorite commercial center.

The tougher ones, instead of staying away, plan to reduce their visits to once a week (for now).

What Motivates Them to Go to the Mall?

If you’re thinking that the supermarket is their motivation to go to the mall, you’re wrong. It’s actually the department store. A wide selection, multiple options that fit any budget, what’s not to like, right? It certainly beats any e-commerce site any day.

What Else Do They Visit?

Restaurants, bars and food courts rank high on the list. Because of the quarantine, people will certainly want to go to their favorite dining spots and have a feast. The selection also includes barbershops, electronics and appliance stores, and apparel shops. What’s not high on the list? Cinemas and furniture shops.

What Do They Want to See From Mall Operators?

Despite the different preferences and behavior, majority of our respondents are united in one thing: all demand stringent anti-COVID 19 policies from their malls. Sanitizers and social distancing ranks high on their lists. Other suggestions include: no dine-ins, reduced foot traffic, and even partitions when eating in restaurants.

What do you guys think? Ready to head back to the mall?

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