What is “Museo de Filipino” and why are TikTok, Twitter folks so obsessed with it?

Image from YouTube: TikTok Trends

With the recurring trend that is #RP612fic and clever retellings of Noli Me Tangere through a Twitter thread, there’s no debate that the youth of today is perfectly capable of depicting Philippine history in the most enjoyable ways possible. Museo de Filipino, which trended last week, is our most recent proof of that.

Nope, it isn’t an actual, physical museum, though the hashtag has somehow turned into one — clicking the trending Museo de Filipino topic on TikTok and Twitter leads you to a collection of clips depicting characters with an on-off switch that starts telling their stories once they are switched on.

Stories of Katipuneros, of past politicians, female leaders, and even political prisoners and victims of human rights violations, were told in short videos, while an edited version of IV of Spades’ Bata, Dahan-Dahan” plays in the background.

Some were hilarious, some were emotional, but all were creative and relevant. Here’s a sampler by YouTube user Miss Terazaha:


Since trending, the #MuseoDeFilipino hashtag and “Museo de Filipino” keyword has gotten more than 8 million views on TikTok and has resulted to over 40,000 tweets as of this writing.

After a short digging, we discovered that a group of content creators on TikTok called POV Makers were responsible for the trend. They started the challenge hoping to educate the younger generations about the often overlooked parts of history, and to enlighten them about the current plights of the Philippine people.

Here are other trending entries to the Museo de Filipino challenge, if you feel like getting “woke” today:

And of course, kudos to IV of Spades for making relevant music, just like the ones featured in the clips:


So, if anyone ever talks down on the youth being glued to their phones all the time, show them these.


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