Which Cities are Hosting Future Olympic Games?

The Tokyo Olympics finally pushed through this year after being postponed due to the virus. It wasn’t the occasion the world was hoping to see, what with the lack of spectators and anxiety caused by the virus. As the 2021 games conclude, future host cities are already preparing for the next event.  

Beijing 2022

Beijing already hosted the Olympics in 2008, but this will be their first winter games. It will reuse some of the infrastructure built more than a decade ago “in the interests of sustainability.” Mountain sports activities will take place outside the city, in Yanqing and Zhangjiakou.

Photo: International Olympic Committee

Paris 2024

Paris is one of the top 5 cities that has hosted the most Olympic games. It plans to use existing or temporary venues to align with the city’s long-term development plans and prevent the same financial distress past hosts have faced. Coincidentally, this event will be a century apart from their last round in 1924.

Paris 2024
Photo: International Olympic Committee

Milano-Cortina 2026

The 2026 Winter Olympics will be held in the Italian cities of Milan and Cortina to embrace the International Olympic Committee’s “New Norm”. Investments will go into renovating and upgrading venues in hopes of becoming a world-class hub for winter sports. Hosting will also help promote the mountainous region of Northern Italy.

2021 04 19 mico thumbnail
Photo: International Olympic Committee

Los Angeles 2028

The last time Los Angeles hosted the Summer games was back in 1932 and again in 1984. One of the objectives of LA28 is to “help refresh the Olympic brand worldwide and capture the imagination of youth.” Sports and entertainment come together in this event that will maximize already existing venues.  

Caps LA28 16 9 Black 28 Days 28 Trailblazers
Photo: International Olympic Committee

Brisbane 2032

Australia has ample time to prepare for its hosting duties, which will take place in Brisbane and Queensland. Various international sporting events have transpired here, opening an opportunity to host their third Olympics.  The games will be sprawled across 37 world-class venues around the country to showcase its beauty and culture.

Photo: Toru Hanai/Pool Photo

The IOC decides on future Olympic host cities 11 years in advance. Years of planning and preparation are underway once a host is announced.  


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