Why Spaying and Neutering Your Pet Is the Best Choice for Your Furbaby

For all the pet owners out there, spaying and neutering your pet is one of the best things you can do for them. You’ll find that the health benefits for the procedure are overwhelming and that you may even play a part in helping to decrease the homeless pet population.

For the record, spaying involves removing the reproductive organs of a female animal, while neutering involves the same for a male animal. It may sound like a scary surgery, but it’s actually quite simple! Check out what you can achieve by having your pets spayed and neutered.

You have less chance for lost pets

Why Spaying and Neutering Your Pet Is the Best Choice for Your Furbaby

When an animal is in heat, they’ll do anything to find a mate. Whether this means digging a hole under your fence or jumping the fence altogether, your unneutered and unspayed pet becomes at risk of becoming lost, getting hit in traffic, or fighting with other animals. When you decide to spay and neuter your pet, you’ll be at peace knowing that your furbaby is safe at home with you.

You’ll reduce unwanted behaviors

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Spaying and neutering has been known to reduce aggression in animals, as well as curb unwanted behaviors like spraying and marking. An altered pet is notably calmer and less stressed because they no longer go into heat and become less focused on finding a mate. This can lead to a more well-behaved companion, allowing for a more well-balanced family home life.

You’ll be saving more lives

cat in shelter cage
Photo from Close Veterinary Clinic

Pet overpopulation has been a problem for many years in countries all over the world. Many stray animals that roam the streets are results of unwanted litters, or irresponsible owners who weren’t able to live up to the responsibility of owning a pet. Luckily, spaying and neutering helps to lessen this overpopulation problem and even opens up more spaces for homeless animals to be adopted.

They’ll live longer

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Photo from Scott Zdon/Getty

Perhaps this is the best benefit of altering your pets. Pet owners should know that when they choose to spay and neuter, they are reducing the risk of serious health issues like cancer, TVT, or pyometra. This means more time with, and a longer life for, your precious pets.

P.S. altered pets can live up to 5 more years!

All in all, making sure your pets are altered is the responsible pet parent thing to do. Not only will it save you the hassle of dealing with an animal in heat, but it will also ensure the best quality of life for your best friend.

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