Beyond the Box and Digital Walker announces sale on select products

Hey there, technophiles! Here’s something to be giddy about: Local premium Apple reseller, Beyond the Box, and one-stop digital accessory shop, Digital Walker, will be slashing the prices on select tech products! Check out the deals below:

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Photo from Beyond the Box

Save up to 1200! 

The 8mm ultra-slim Momax Q.Pad X Fast Wireless Charger is on sale! For only P990, you can already get your hands on this super sleek and stylish portable wireless charger that they are raving about. Available in black and white, you can get yours at any Digital Walker and Beyond the Box store near you!

Momax Q.Pad X Fast Wireless Charger

SRP: P2,190


Available in black and white

Product features:

– 8mm ultra-slim and portable wireless charger

– Minimalistic design

– Supports fast charging up to 10W

– All-round protection with built-in foreign objection detection

– Anti-slip silicone finishing

Get up to P1,600 off on select Sudio products

Volume up, price down! Get up to P1,600 off on select Sudio earphones and headphones. Check out the items* on sale below:

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Photo from Digital Walker
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Photo from Digital Walker
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Photo from Digital Walker
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Photo from Digital Walker
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Photo from Digital Walker

Available on select Digital Walker Branches (Abreeza, Cagayan de Oro, Eastwood Mall, Glorietta, SM Mall of Asia, Shangri-La, and Trinoma), have a stylish audio experience for less with Sudio! 

*Stocks may vary depending on store delivery

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