Colgate’s New Electric Toothbrush ‘Tailored For Your Smile’ Is Now On Shopee

Once you try Colgate’s new electric toothbrush, there’s no going back.

After staying indoors for years, we’re finally able to see other people face to face. No one will notice if you don’t shower and change before virtual get-togethers. But for in-person ones, you definitely need to look presentable. Investing in the right tools will help you achieve that.

First impressions last. Use Colgate’s new electric toothbrush to make a good one with a bright smile. Once you try this toothbrush, you’ll never go back to using a manual one! Colgate designed it with the modern consumer in mind.

Features of this electric toothbrush

This new product from Colgate allows you to customize the way you brush your teeth. That means even those with sensitive gums and such can use it without fear. It comes with four different modes: Gum Care, Night Spa, Squeaky Clean, and Sparkle. It also has ten vibration levels and 33 combinations.

Choosing Gum Care mode will make the electric toothbrush vibrate at a low intensity. Sparkle is for those who prefer high-intensity vibrations. Squeaky Clean is best for daily cleaning because of its high intensity and speed. Finally, choose Night Spa if you want a mix of all three modes.

You can also adjust vibration and monitor pressure with the Pressure Sensor feature.

Smart Coaching mode

Colgate’s new electric toothbrush is worth every peso because of this next feature. Smart Coaching mode paces your movement. It’ll also signal you to brush in another direction when it’s time to move.

The built-in timer in the toothbrush also helps improve your brushing habits. Your dentist will be happy to hear that you’re taking your oral care seriously. The toothbrush’s slim-tipped, tapered bristles are gentle on the gums. Its compact head cleans the back of your teeth.

Buy this electric toothbrush on Shopee

Good thing this innovative toothbrush is now available on Shopee. Buy it there to enjoy discounts and freebies!

You can download the Shopee app on AppGallery, the App Store, and Google Play.

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