Enjoy Your Weekend With These Local Alcoholic Beverages

If there’s one thing that Filipinos share, it’s the love of alcohol. Long nights with a beer in hand or an indoor date with all the wine and cheese in the world – drinking is fun either way!

And what better way to share this love for alcohol than by becoming a patron to our local brewers? If you’re having trouble looking for your next drink, we’ve got you. Here are a couple of homegrown businesses near you.

Jesus Juice

A combination of wine, cured rum, and fruits, Jesus Juice is the perfect storm for a variety of occasions. With an ABV of 7.6%, this drink’ll be sure to get your night going!

Local alcoholic beverage
Photo from Jesus Juice Facebook

Beware: they also offer an alternative, “traydor” drink called Judas Juice. This one’s got a 10% ABV, so tread carefully.

Monkey Eagle

Brewed and bottled in Tagaytay, Monkey Eagle has a bevy of beers to offer thirsty customers. The brand is most noticeable for its fun and quirky packaging and wide variety of ales to choose from. They also offer their products by the bottle or by the case, so don’t hesitate to try them out!


While they are based in Tagaytay, you can find a number of their stalls in the Metro. Check their website for more info.

Brews Bros

For those looking for a good drink with some steak on the side, Brews Bros is the one for you. They sell Filipino-themed craft liquor like Cebu Mango Rum and Sirena Dry Gin along with USDA Angus cubes and Brazilian rib eye steak.


Did that get you hungry? Shoot them an order form now!


Spanish-themed and “made with the flavor of Spain”, Chavelez helps bring Spanish taste to the Philippine drinking scene. They mainly offer their specially blended sangria drink, a staple for puzzle and movie nights galore.


They occasionally have bottle sales, so be sure to check in from time to time.


For a night that packs a punch, try out Tpplr’s craft cocktails. The flavors range from a fancy Appletini to a sweet and strong Mangarita. The ABVs range from 17-21% so sit down and hold tight! It’s gonna be a long night.


Check out their page for more details. They offer delivery in the Metro and provinces.

So have a chill weekend and relax with one of these drinks in hand. Who knows? You might just find your next favorite drink.

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