The secret to every successful yogi? Flow at your own pace. You can achieve just that with a little guidance and consistency – form the yogi’s habit by starting your 30-day journey! 

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Let Yogaplus empower your mind and body when you step into their virtual studio. Get a boost of encouragement when you avail of Freebie MNL’s 15% off discount on Yogaplus’ Just-For-a-Month (Video-on-Demand) package. 

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This 30-Day Pass allows you to go through various classes. Uploaded daily are 4 new recordings so you can explore a different practice every day. Recordings will be available within 24 hours of the live class. 

All our bodies are built different so listening to it is vital to every practice. You can feel free to pause and rest anytime. Just let your breath be your guide! 

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Also important to note, if you’re living or managing with any injuries, medical conditions or are pregnant, do check in with the teacher before class or send an email to [email protected] to get started. 

Honor your body and get your flow going today for only USD 29!

Terms and conditions:

– Pricing in USD as Yogaplus’ mode of payment is PayPal

– There are no live classes included in the 30-Day Pass

– This product is valid for 30 days FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE. This duration can not be extended.

– The product can not be cancelled, transferred or suspended.

– Promo period until August 31, 2020

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