More Chances of Winning: GCash Extends Lucky Load Promo to October  

This may be your lucky month!

Are you still looking for some luck or a big win this year? If you’re reading this, then you might’ve just manifested it. GCash has extended the Lucky Load promo to October 2, 2022, and you might just be the next winner.

Whether you need to load up your SIM card to connect with family and friends, purchase gaming credits for your favorite online games, or electronic pins for PayTV, there’s a big chance for you to win.

All you have to do is buy any kind of Telco or Broadband load on the GCash app any time of the day. For every P50 load, one (1) ticket will be awarded to you. If you happen to load P70 or P99, it will still entitle you to one (1) ticket entry, respectively. 

Buying a load has never been this exciting; the promo has also opened its entries to all load purchases within the GCash app, which means you’ve got more chances of winning up to P100,000 or more every week.

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How To Play & Win: Lucky Load Promo Mechanics

This promo is open to all Telco users that have a fully verified GCash app. To play, simply select six icons from a roster of 30. Once you have selected your icons, submit your ticket, and stay tuned for the weekly #LuckyMondays draw to find out if you won. All players who have at least three matched icons, in no particular order during the winning draw are eligible for claiming the rewards. 

The prize pot will be equally divided among all the users with the corresponding number of matched icons. For example, if there were 100 subscribers who have three matched icons, the pot prize will be divided into 100. 

Those with three winning matched icons can win a pot prize of up to P70,000; four matched icons can win you up to P80,000; five matching icons will give you the chance to win up to P90,000, and six matching icons will give you the chance to win up to P100,000.

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GCash has already awarded P8.6 million to over 1,769,723 lucky winners as part of the Lucky Load promo. Be one of the next winners this year—the more you purchase load, the better your chances of winning! Download the GCash app from the App Store or Google Play today!

Featured Image Paulo Correa


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