Get a whiff of Christmas scents at home with Homegrown’s live Christmas Trees and Plants

What scent sums up Christmas to you?

To others, it smells like a cup of freshly roasted coffee, a comforting vanilla, a kick of ginger, or a sweet and spicy fragrance of cinnamon. To some, it smells like a splendid holiday ham, a hot chocolate cuppa, or the sumptuous bibingka and puto bumbong sold outside. But no matter what Christmas smells like to you, one thing is sure: it evokes nostalgia, romance, and joy that sums up the spirit of the season.

Though the celebrations are a bit different this year (with everyone at home because of the pandemic), you can still smell the scent of Christmas at home with the help of Homegrown Organics.

Norfolk Pine | Photo from Homegrown Organics
Cedar Pine | Photo from Homegrown Organics

Have yourself a merry, scentful, and healthy Christmas with their live Christmas trees and plants. They have a variety of greens including an indoor Norfolk Pine, Cedar Pine, Live Christmas Tree (Norfolk Pine-scented), as well as gift items such as Christmas Tarragon Plant and Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves. No need to diffuse scents at home because these plants will do the scenting for you!

Live Christmas Tree | Photo from Homegrown Organics
Christmas Tarragon Plant | Photo from Homegrown Organics
Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves | Photo from Homegrown Organics

You can also avail of their Christmas promo if you are still looking for gifts. They have a buy 5, get 1 and buy 10 get 3 deals. Head on to their Facebook page, Instagram, and website to check out more of their products. Time is ticking so hurry up now and have it delivered to you and your loved ones just in time for Christmas!


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