FreebieMNL - HealthNow offers FREE delivery and Vitamin C to shoppers

HealthNow offers FREE delivery and Vitamin C to shoppers

Even if you’ve been vaccinated, it’s understandable if you’re still hesitant to head to the hospital or clinic. Well, you can now consult with a doctor, buy medicine, and even book clinic lab and clinic schedules wherever you are. 

HealthNow is your all-in-one health app for your primary care needs. Through the platform, you can talk to the doctor or schedule a call for later anywhere, anytime. You can also skip the lines at the pharmacy, and have your medicine delivered right at your doorstep. Plus, you can schedule an appointment for face-to-face consultation and diagnostic tests. It’s super easy to navigate the app, making the experience so simple for users. 

The app connects users to nearby clinics and diagnostic centers, so you don’t have to stress about finding one near you. To add to this, HealthNow even lets you get an e-prescription for medicine and diagnostics in your medical records from doctors. Isn’t that just awesome? 

What exactly can you order from HealthNow? You can purchase medicines, supplements, and other items that are normally found in a pharmacy. Yes, you can even get your prescription medicine via HealthNow. You just need to have a HealthNow ePrescription or other valid prescription to purchase them via the app. They also accept cashless payments so you can easily use GCash, credit or debit cards.

And guess what? You can get your medicine delivered for FREE. HealthNow is even throwing in free Vitamin C for their customers. There is no minimum purchase required, so that means you don’t have to spend a ton to get your meds delivered for free!

Basically, HealthNow offers a hassle-free experience by bringing you all primary care services in one easy-to-use app. That’s why it’s no wonder more people are turning to HealthNow for their needs. You can download the HealthNow app on the App Store and Google Play

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