Newborn Checklist: This is a must-have baby item brand for first-time moms

Is your baby still fussy and crying after you’ve done everything when putting him in his crib? No mommy, it’s not you! It’s his bed.

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Being a first-time parent can be quite difficult that is why it is important to take all the support you can get from people and brands around you. Good thing, BabyCuddlePH is here to help you keep your precious little ones cozy and comfortable as he sleeps. 

Launched in June 2016, Babycuddleph brought to the Philippines the baby bed concept which the owner saw when she stayed in Denmark. Since then, the brand grew as moms started to recommend it to other moms because their baby slept longer and soundly with the Babycuddle bed– all thanks to the feeling of security and presence that the bed creates, resembling the same sensation babies felt in their mother’s belly.

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Photo from Babycuddleph

Perfect for co-sleeping, lounging, playing, or just changing nappies, the Babycuddle bed makes every mommy and baby day unforgettable. Many moms swear by this product as the bed is ergonomic and provides a safe resting nook for their tiny tots– just like a mom’s embrace. 

Snuggle your little one with Babycuddleph products like blankets, nursing pillows, and head pillows. These must-haves are perfect for your baby during their first year. 

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Photo from Babycuddleph

Each Babycuddleph product is handmade with love so you are sure of its quality. It’s hypoallergenic which gives your baby comfort even if he has sensitive skin. Also, the fabric is 100% cotton which means that it can be washed as often to keep your baby stuff clean and fresh.

If you are worried your little one might outgrow their Babycuddleph stuff in no time, don’t worry because they can still use it for as long as they need the snuggles and cuddles. 

Babycuddle blanketPhoto from Babycuddleph

Splurge on your baby’s needs now! Head on to this site and add to your cart baby stuff. They accept Paypal, bank transfer, COD, and GCash payments. And for every purchase of a Babycuddle bed or a minimum spend of P2,799, you can get a free head pillow worth P350! Just use the discount code, FREEHPMNL, upon checkout to get a freebie from Babycuddleph and FreebieMNL. Hurry! This promo is valid until September 15 only!

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