Open your bottles in a fun and unique way with CherryPop

Popping bottles are now made easier with CherryPop’s automatic bottle openers.

Summer is here and we need to quench our thirst more often and I am sure you have experienced buying a bottle of softdrinks or beer and then you end up struggling when you try to open it.

Don’t worry, you will never have to worry about that anymore for CherryPop thought of a cool, fun, and unique way to pop them bottles open! With their automatic bottle openers, all you have to do is push and voila! Your drink is ready for consumption.

You can conveniently purchase CherryPop’s automatic bottle openers at Shopee and Lazada! And here’s some good news, CherryPop offers 10% off  when you shop at Lazada, just use the exclusive voucher found in this link. You’ll also get 5% off on Shopee when you use the code JCLAMERCH on their Shopee site.

This promo is valid until the end of the year so you can share this to your drinking buddies  too!


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