Stay Filtered and Fresh with Your Very Own Air Purifier (Exclusive Discount)

Do you ever sit in a room trying to pinpoint what’s possibly off? Here’s a factor to check: how fresh is the air circulating in your home? Spending 24/7 indoors accumulate a hodgepodge of not-so pleasant smells and lingering bacteria. Living and breathing this air can lead to poor health in the long run so the best move now is to invest in a purifying system for your home!

Let’s go through your daily activities: cooking meals, working a sweat, playing with energetic pets, and stepping outdoors – you don’t have to live with the trapped odors your living situation brings. Antex Enterprise Inc. offers quality air purifiers to improve the atmosphere you breathe. Find out which air system is best for you!

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Bacteria, begone! Effective in killing bacteria, the UVC Tower 60w can cover up to 80 SQM of surface sterilization for a maximum use of 60 minutes. For smaller surfaces, UVC Tower 36w is also available and can cover up to 40 SQM. Using this germicidal tool is the best hands-free way to clear your groceries and other exposed materials from the virus. 



Keep your personal WFH zone and car interiors safe from further bacteria spread! If you’re looking for a portable yet powerful option, the O2 Air Purifier is the pick for you! This personal unit covers up to 10 SQM with a USB power supply for you to stay sterilized wherever you go. 


Step out with safety when you travel with your own air purifier! Avail 20% off on UVC Tower 60w and 10% off on O2 Air Purifier with FREE extra HEPA filter when you use the exclusive code: ANTEXFREEBIE. To use the promo code on your next order, simply input the code via Facebook Messenger at @antexLED. 

Terms and conditions:

– Online Payment before release.
– Client pays courier fee from Las Pinas.
– Item sold with 6 months warranty under normal use.

Promo runs until January 2021.

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