Stay fresh even while working from home the natural way with DENTISTE’

Take your oral care routine a notch higher by using premium products that are natural and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

DENTISTE’, a global leader in oral care solutions, brings an innovative organic solution to keep your teeth and gums healthy the natural way. Backed by the most advanced dental technologies, Dentiste’ provides superior oral care products that are fluoride-free, cruelty-free, and nature-friendly. Each product is concocted with nature’s best ingredients and has a special proprietary formula designed to effectively inhibit the growth of oral bacteria to keep you fresh and protected.

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Photo from DENTISTE’

Their products include the DENTISTE’ Herbapeutic Toothpaste that protects your oral health during the night, giving you that fresh breath in the morning. It comes in three variants–

DENTISTE’ Nighttime Herbapeutic Toothpaste, DENTISTE’ Nighttime Sensitive Toothpaste, and DENTISTE’ Premium & Natural Whitening Toothpaste.

Photo from DENTISTE’

Aside from that, they have DENTISTE’ Specialty Toothpaste that is perfect for your daily oral needs. DENTISTE’ also boasts its premium line of Mouth Spray and Breath Spray that will enhance one’s confidence with instant and long-lasting fresh breath while reducing bacterial plaque in the mouth.

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Photo from DENTISTE’

And here’s the good news! Get an additional 20% OFF for every purchase at the official DENTISTE’ Official Store at Lazada and Shopee* with a minimum purchase of PHP 500 using the promo code, DENTISTE20. The promo period is until December 31, 2020 so you still have more time to get your supplies at a discounted price.

If you want to know more about their products, check out their website at, or their Facebook page,
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