Take your business to the next level for FREE with Lalamove

Take your business to the next level for FREE with Lalamove

It can be challenging to operate a business in these trying times. That’s why business owners should pivot and adapt to the times with all the tools at their disposal. One fantastic way to upgrade your business is by partnering with Lalamove.

Yes, the popular on-demand & same-day delivery service can help your business grow through monthly rebates and exclusive services when you sign up as one of their Corporate Clients. Signing up is FREE, and all you have to do is contact one of Lalamove’s Sales Executives. You will then be using a prepaid eWallet system to pay for your daily Lalamove bookings. 

What does your business gain by signing up with Lalamove? Clients will have an eWallet for cashless/contactless transactions. This means you can track all your under one prepaid wallet for efficient, cashless orders. Clients will also have a welcome bonus of their first top-up. How sweet, right?! 

To add to these, Lalamove has a monthly rebate program, which means you can make more money simply by booking through Lalamove. Clients will have a dedicated customer support office for quicker assistance, so you don’t have to wait long to help resolve any issues. On top of all these benefits, Lalamove Corporate Clients have access to the company’s full fleet (2W up to 2000kg trucks) for any type of delivery. 

Since 2013, Lalamove has been the strategic partner for businesses of all sizes to solve their last-mile delivery issues. It provides the best-in-class courier services for everyday customers and businesses, so you’re assured that your items are in good hands. 

It can be time-consuming and exhausting to have to manually book your courier every time someone orders from your business. That’s why it would be a great decision for any savvy business owner to partner with Lalamove. 


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