This Is the Best Oral Care For Your Dog

If you want the best for your furbaby, check this out!

Having a pet at home is a huge responsibility, but their company will make you feel it’s worth it. But just feeding them won’t cut it. You have to go on long walks with them, shower them with love, and take care of their hygiene.

As all good pet owners know, your dog’s health should be your number one if you want them to lead a long and happy life. At a recent press conference for Pedigree, we found out that at least 90% of furparents aren’t aware their furkids have oral health problems.

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You might think that’s not a big deal. However, veterinarians have confirmed that if you don’t do something about it, your dog could suffer serious health complications like tooth loss and the systemic infection of other organs.

That’s why Pedigree released PEDIGREE® DentaStixâ„¢, which was proven to be the ultimate solution for such problems.

It has a triple action formula that helps clean hard-to-reach teeth with its unique X shape, reduce tartar build-up, and supports gum health for your furbaby’s comprehensive oral care.

Even actress and beauty queen Megan Young swears by the effectiveness of the brand. Megan is a furmom to her and Mikael Daez’s adorable dog named Soba.

If you think your pet deserves the best, it’s time to give them this wonderful treat! Head to a supermarket, hardware chain, pet shop, or convenience store near you. PEDIGREE® DentaStixâ„¢ is also available on Shopee and Lazada.

Art Daniella Sison

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