10 years later, we finally have the answer to the question: “DOTA o Ako?”

(Screengrab from YouTube: Netflix Philippines)

When DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) was all the rave a decade ago, gamers far and wide dealt with the hardship of having to balance their love life with their gaming life. It was a burden borne by too many DOTA players that it spurred the viral song DOTA o Ako?”. In the music video, local rapper Aikee is confronted by his on-screen girlfriend, Vanessa, who made him choose between her and his favorite video game.

It’s a hit that has garnered more than 24.4 million views, but strangely enough, we never got the answer to the titular question.

That is, until now. 10 years later, Netflix finally gave us Aikee’s answer: apparently, it’s both.


“Maligaya akong ipagtapat na ang pinili ko, DOTA at ako. Sigaw ng puso ko, makasama ka hanggang sa dulo,” says the lyrics. That’s right, because if your girlfriend truly loves you, she shouldn’t have to make you pick between the two loves of your life, right?

Netflix’s music video, which now has more than 95,000 reactions and 35,000 shares, sees Aikee and Vanessa reunite to answer the age-old question that’s been left up in the air all these years. As a typical karaoke-style video would, the couple bounces between beach photos and wedding events. Vanessa dances on air, while Aikee breathes fire a la DOTA 2’s Davion to show he’s ready to protect his life partner.

Towards the end, the music video also showed short clips from Netflix’s new animated show, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.

(Image: Netflix)

“To be honest, I can’t even imagine that my song 10 years ago ay magkakaroon ng sequel at hindi lang basta sequel bagkus sequel ito with Netflix,” Aikee reacted to the follow-up song. “Kaya sobrang saya po ng puso ko dahil nabigyan ulit ng chance ang awiting tumatak sa tao isang dekada na ang nakalipas.”

Vanessa was as thrilled as the rapper, saying that she “was so excited in general to be working with Aikee again cause it has really been a long time since our collaboration.”

“So, when I got the call to do a remake I immediately canceled my schedule and confirmed! I knew I was gonna do it! I had to do it for sure! And especially ecstatic to do the sequel with Netflix because I am OBSESSED!” 

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood premiered its first season on Thursday. It follows the journey of Davion the Dragon Knight and the Moon Princess Mirana to stop Terrorblade from killing all dragons. It’s based on DOTA 2, the hit MOBA video game by Valve released in 2013. 


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