21 Sims Memes That We Could All Relate to in Quarantine

On February 4, 2000, the first installment of The Sims franchise was released. The life simulation game was a concept by Will Wright where players get to design a wonderful life for their characters, but glitches happen and wicked plans arise, sometimes resulting in unexpectedly funny moments.

To commemorate The Sims 1 turning 21 in quarantine, take a trip down memory lane and laugh at some memes that graphically represent how we’re coping indoors.

1. Forgetting your house has a door because you can’t go out anyway.

2. Not having a clue about what’s happening but still maintaining social distance anyway.

3. This is how living in the New Normal feels like.

4. Not bothering to change out of your PJs or underwear because you work from home anyway.

5. Sitting at your desk for hours and getting that numb, tingly feeling in your body.

6. At this point, you’re practically engaged to your bed.

7. Multitasking at home because Yes, you do the cooking; Yes, you do the cleaning.

8. Randomly glitching out in the corner.

9. Wishing the mess at home could just clean itself up.

10. Struggling to create a work/life balance.

11. Constantly worrying about getting the bills paid.

12. Running out of food before it’s time for your weekly groceries.

13. Going through a phase and just wanting to sulk in a bear suit.

14. Realizing how anti-social you actually are.

15. Trying to remain optimistic while everything else around you break or fall apart.

16. Scheduling a home workout during happy hours.

17. Feeling like an Interior Designer every time you do something new to your space.

18. Expectations vs Reality when online shopping.

19. What staycations at home look like.

20. Mentally, I’m here.

21. Looking back at how the past year went.

Which one was the most relatable to you? We hope there weren’t actual fires involved in quarantine.

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