7 Netflix Kids Shows That Even Adults Can Enjoy

When you’re on Netflix and looking for a show to watch, the last place you check is probably the Kids section, which is fair. You came here for sitcoms and romances or dramas and dark thrillers, not nursery rhymes. However, there are actually a bunch of gems in the Kids section that are so well-made that you’ll find yourself recommending them to people of all ages. 

Here are just a few kids’ shows you can find on Netflix that even adults will enjoy: 

Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

These are obvious ones, but this list isn’t complete without the Avatar franchise. How these shows tackled issues like war, trauma, culture, and acceptance in ways so much more effective than some media for adults is exactly why it’s iconic. All the arcs and characters are so compelling, the wit and charm are hard to beat, and they have some of the best fight sequences on TV. What’s not to love?

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts' team break down Season 3 - Los Angeles  Times

This show is about a group of kids trying to survive in and eventually bring peace to a post-apocalyptic world. The show’s intricate worldbuilding and spectacularly funny and touching writing make its already in-depth exploration into fragmented societies and what counts as a family so much more profound.

Julie and the Phantoms 

Julie And The Phantoms: 7 Reasons To Watch This Whimsical, Wonderful  Netflix Musical Series - CINEMABLEND

The premise of “girl forms a band with ghost boys who died in the 90s” may sound silly, but it’s actually a really good show that effectively explores grief and mortality without sacrificing the fun. You really find yourself rooting for the friendships they make and fight for, and it doesn’t hurt that the musical numbers in the show are legitimately good as well. 

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

3 Girl Power Books for the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Fan in All of  Us | Get Literary

This reboot keeps all the fantastical elements and quirky characters that made kids love the 80s original but adds so much more substance and depth to the characters and relationships in the show. This show explores such complex emotional arcs that come with the protagonist’s conflicting feelings about having the fate of the world on her shoulders.

The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince' Has Been Renewed By Netflix For Season 4 And Beyond

It’s hard to make high fantasy digestible for kids without watering it down, but that’s what The Dragon Prince manages to do. Despite it being a children’s show, it brings all the elements and tropes you want from the genre while making it fresh and the engrossing worldbuilding does its job to enrich the already gripping narrative further.

Alexa and Katie

Netflix's 'Alexa And Katie' Battles Cancer With Humor And Hope | Decider

This is about Alexa, a girl who was diagnosed with cancer, and her best friend Katie. It tackles what it takes to live life as a teenager with an illness without exploiting her diagnosis to make the show dramatic. How it captures the silliness, enthusiasm, and passion of the girls while effectively talking about the difficulties, anxiety, and trauma that comes with Alexa’s diagnosis really fleshes out the depth of their friendship and coming-of-age years.

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