Alex Calleja

Alex Calleja Recalls Lessons Learned From Being A “Sugarol”

Alex Calleja has earned praise from netizens following his firm stand against gambling

Stand-up comedian Alex Calleja has a strong stand against gambling. In fact, he revealed that he has already turned down offers to promote online gambling on social media, citing his past struggles with gambling addiction.

Recently, he took to Twitter to candidly discuss gambling. Calleja admits to having spent most of his time in casinos in the past and even losing a significant amount of money. 

However, in 2019, he decided to make a change and quit all of his vices such as gambling, smoking, and drinking.

Now, despite being offered money to endorse online gambling brands, Calleja is adamant about not getting involved with gambling again. Particularly with the continuous rise of online gambling which can be done anywhere, anytime. 

Alex Calleja’s big reminder

He also urges netizens to stay away from gambling, emphasizing that it would only ruin their lives and their families.

Walang magandang dulot ang sugal.  Walang nananalo sa sugal.  Sisirain niyan ang buhay niyo na.  Maniwala kayo, galing na ako dyan.  Kung mahal niyo pamilya niyo at sarili niyo, utang na loob, itigil niyo na ang sugal!” he writes.

Netizens have praised Calleja for his honesty and encouraged others to follow his lead in turning away from vices and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

They also criticized influencers who continued to promote online gambling, saying that they were only in it for the commissions and were not thinking about the detrimental effects on their followers.

Known for his witty humor and observational comedy that often pokes fun at Filipino culture and society. He has appeared in various comedy shows and events in the country and has also been featured in television and radio programs.

Calleja is the author of the book “Lakas Tawa” which contains a collection of his comedic works. In recent years, he has been active on social media, particularly on Twitter where he makes it a point to share his opinions on pertinent topics and to interact with his followers.

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