Andi Manzano

How Is Andi Manzano Preparing For Her Third Daughter

Andi Manzano says: “I don’t know how it’s gonna be with three girls!”

Host and radio DJ Andi Manzano is excited to welcome her third daughter.

Manzano, currently in her third trimester, faced the media and mommy influencers during the launch of Mama’s Choice on February 24, 2023 at Bonifacio High Street.

There, she was asked how she is preparing to have three girls in the family. Prior to her third pregnancy, Manzano and husband GP Reyes had two girls: Olivia, 7, and Amelia, 3.

She answers during the event, “Very excited, I don’t know how it’s gonna be with three girls! I’m excited because I was telling…somebody asked me, how you think it’s gonna be with three girls? You know what, I grew up with three sisters. I’m the eldest, so, I feel like raising three girls is something that I’ve already done. I’ve had my sisters but now I’ll have my own little three girls. So, it’s all in God’s plan. May practice na!”

Manzano first announced her pregnancy with their baby number three in November 2022. She previously said in an interview that she and Reyes were planning to have a third child but was delayed because of the pandemic.

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Preparing her daughters

During the event, Manzano says that delaying the third baby was also a way for them to properly prepare Amelia to have a younger sister.

“I think that’s why we didn’t have a baby too soon because I wanted that time with her. With Oli and Amelia, their age gap is four years so parang I was able to prepare Olivia with Amelia before. ‘So, you’re gonna be a big sister.’ Parang I was able to talk to her like a human being who would understand already.

“So, with Amelia, I feel like we were doing the same and now, parang her mindset is, ‘I’m a big sister, I’m gonna take care of my baby [sister].’”

Manzano, however, has one wish: “Sana, there’s no jealousy there.”

She continues, “But I feel like the four-year age gap for each kid, which is not planned at all, is enough time that I had to spend with them and parang have that quality time also at a very young age.”

From being a teen influencer to mommy influencer

Even before the word “influencer” became a buzz word, Andi Manzano had already been acting as one.

She served as a person teen girls looked up to when she hosted QTV-11’s “Candies” and landed covers for magazines catered to teenagers.

Now that she’s a mom, mommies are also looking up to her with the content that she makes in her vlog.

During the event, FreebieMNL asks Manzano how does she feel about setting a good example to women of her generation.

She answers, “It’s nice kasi when people talk to me, I feel like they grew up with me. Parang I feel the connection because they saw how I was before and they see how I was without children, now with three children. So, I feel like when they talk to me, parang friends na kami. So, I really enjoy that part and that side when it comes to I guess, starting young in the industry and all that.”

With regards to being a good example, she credits her mother for raising her in a good environment.

“Well, I have my mom. My mom’s there to correct me also. I think I grew up with a really good environment also. I have a good support system and I think that matters also in how I was raised and also how I’m raising my children. So, I think it really starts from the basics talaga.”

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