Andrea Brillantes, Ricci Rivero Split Amid Cheating Issue

“Allow ourselves to heal and move on peacefully without hate and pain,” Ricci pleads

After dating exclusively for a year, actress Andrea Brillantes and basketball figure Ricci Rivero have cut their love strings over as Ricci announces their breakup via Twitter on Friday, June 6, 2023. 

Andrea Brillantes
IMAGE: @ricciiirivero on Instagram

The basketball player has come to terms with his misgivings about the failed romance. He tweets, “I own up to the mistakes of not making my relationship status public because I felt there’s no need to add up to what we’re going through.

“Please respect our decision to keep it to ourselves so that we can preserve what’s left of our friendship.I hope let’s stop creating your own versions and dragging other characters into these false accusations,” he adds. 

He finishes with, “I am sorry for whatever disappointments it may have caused you- for everyone’s peace of mind, please allow ourselves to heal and move on peacefully without hate and pain.” 

Netizens speculate infidelity 

The split came amid rumors that Ricci has been unfaithful to the actress. This speculation was fueled more strongly by netizens who flocked to Ricci’s tweet to express their dismay, with most of the users calling him a cheater. 

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Some points to a certain “konsehala,” who might be the reason for the breakup. As that is the case, beauty-queen-turned-councilor Leren Mae Bautista, who had been interacting with Ricci lately, had seen her name be dragged quickly into the issue. 

image 44
image 45

This succeeds a circulating but now deleted Instagram story of Leren featuring Ricci. Some have also put malice on the like reaction that the basketball player has left on one of Leren’s IG posts. 

image 46
IMAGE: @lerenmaebautista on Instagram
image 47
IMAGE: @lerenmaebautista on Instagram

A year before the fallout 

Andrea and Ricci have dated exclusively for a year, with the latter asking the former to be official during the University of the Philippines and Far Eastern University UAAP face-off in April 2022. 

After the sweet “yes,” the two had made multiple public appearances in what seemed to be a love faring well. 

In March, Andrea pulled up the same trick of asking her beau to the ABS-CBN Star Magical Prom during the BLACKPINK concert at the Philippine Arena. Roughly three months after, the two have finally called it quits. 

As of writing, Andrea Brillantes remains mum over the issue.

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