Andrew Garfield on His ‘Beautiful’ Spider-Man Experience with Ex Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield recently opened up about his Spider-Man stint and had only good things to say.

Andrew Garfield on His ‘Beautiful’ Spider-Man Experience with Ex Emma Stone
Image from Columbia

In an interview with Variety, the 38-year-old said that the experience with the superhero movie was a memorable one. “It was only beautiful,” he said. “I got to meet Emma [Stone] and work with her and Sally Field.”

Fans will remember that Garfield played Peter Parker in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man and its 2014 sequel along with Emma Stone, who played Parker’s romantic interest. The romance quickly took form in real life, where the couple dated for four years before their amicable split in October 2015.

Since then, both actors have expressed love and support for one another through the media.

“We care about each other so much, and that’s a given, that’s kind of this unconditional thing,” Garfield said in a 2017 podcast with Vanity Fair. “There’s so much love between us and so much respect.”

Aside from Stone, the Social Network actor also talked about his relations with other people in the industry. On Amy Pascal, who was the then-head of Sony Pictures, Garfield noted a bit of push and pull.

“We would fight, but ultimately, we loved each other on a deep level,” he explained. “We tried to meet as much in the middle as we could in terms of why I wanted to do this role, and what her needs were as the head of the studio.”

Garfield also touched upon rumors about his supposed part in the highly anticipated Spider-Man: No Way Home film.

“I understand why people are freaking out about the concept of that because I’m a fan as well,” Garfield said. “You can’t help but imagine scenes and moments of ‘Oh, my God, how fucking cool would it be if they did that?’ But it’s important for me to say on the record that this is not something I’m aware I am involved in.”

He added, “But I know I’m not going to be able to say anything that will convince anyone that I don’t know what’s happening. No matter what I say, I’m fucked. It’s either going to be really disappointing for people or it’s going to be really exciting.”

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