Here’s A List Of Anne Curtis’ Funny, “Lutang” Moments On “It’s Showtime”

Anne’s playful blunders are just too funny not to laugh at!

Anne Curtis sits as one of the reputable household names in the Philippine entertainment industry—and on top of her stellar acting prowess, superb hosting skills, and relatable personality, she also constantly brings good energy through her silly moments on live television. 

In that regard, FreebieMNL compiles some of the goofy and funny moments Anne had on “It’s Showtime,” some of which have almost made it well and good as a meme in the local pop culture setting. 

The case for capsicum

For someone whose first language is English—language barrier is unavoidable when communicating with people whose native tongue is Filipino. This cannot be truer in one of the episodes during the “Tawag ng Tanghalan” segment wherein Vice and Anne were talking about the ingredients of the local food menudo. 

Anne enumerates “carrots, patatas” followed by “capsicum…,” to which Vice immediately replies with: “Ano?”

Anne then explains, “Red peppers,” prompting Vice to say, “Arte, arte mo wala namang ganyan sa carinderia namin.” 

@jeepneytv Pa-order ng menudo with capsicum and lots of rice! #ItsShowtime #AnneCurtis #ViceGanda #jeepneytv #abscbn #fyp #foryou #viral #trending #kapamilya ? original sound – JeepneyTV

A disoriented birthday greeting

Anne seemed to have been airy-headed at this time or she might have been still on cloud nine for celebrating her birthday, but one thing is evident—surely it affects her message for the fans—in a good way! 

Instead of saying “pamilya niyo,” Anne says, “pamilya ko” which then again drew a quick reaction from Vice. Realizing the blunder, Anne could not help but laugh and defend herself with just a sorry and a birthday pass. After all, it was her day and she had the right!  

@ryellgarcii Happy Birthday Ate @Anne Curtis HAHAHAHA Love youuuu! #ShowtimePaANNEdar #itsshowtime #showtime #annecurtis ? original sound – Ryell Garci

Whose packed lunch was that?

One of Anne’s recent “lutang” moments that sent a chuckle to viewers was when she got exposed for accidentally eating her co-host Karylle’s packed lunch. Initially thinking that the ad lai rice was part of her baon, Anne then went ahead and ate it. 

However, it was later found out that it was actually Karylle’s—and that Teddy Corpuz and Amy Perez got blamed for the missing packed lunch! 

@abscbn Si Anne pala ang salarin eh! #ABSCBN #Kapamilya #ItsShowtime ? original sound – ABS-CBN

Uno reverse card, real quick!

During one of the “ExPecially For You” episodes, a searchee named Lloyd was asked to sing. Humoring the name, Anne says that the contestant should have sung, “Hoy, hoy, bu-Lloyd” in a seeming wordplay for the original “Buloy.” But Jhong immediately sent the humor back to Anne to say, “Hoy, hoy, bulol,” in reference to Anne’s rough Tagalog.  

Anne Curtis
IMAGE: GMA Network on Facebook

Spill the tea!

Another funny moment that Anne had was when she was caught on-cam gossiping with Kim Chiu and Karylle just behind their other “It’s Showtime” co-hosts. While her voice is inaudible, it can be gleaned how invested she is in spilling some interesting words—even making the netizens wonder what she might be saying.

@kunnell Chismis time with @Anne Curtis @KimChiu @anakarylle ? original sound – kunnell – Kunnell

The garlic incident

Anne has yet again received a round of laughs after Vice exposed her for having bad breath for eating a “garlicky” food. As Vice puts it, “Dumighay pa. Habang nagsasalita ka, talagang naararo yung ilong ko, girl. Para akong na-water canon ng bunganga niya.”  In return, Anne just laughed it off—then proceeded to read her line very meekly. 

@abscbn Ano ba itong naamoy ni Meme? ? #ABSCBN #Kapamilya #ItsShowtime ? original sound – ABS-CBN

Anne Curtis and her highlighter

A gibberish line and a botched highlighter in one? Anne had them altogether in one moment! 

After reading a line that does not translate verbally well, Vice noticed that Anne’s nose contour was a bit off. Drawing laughter from the other hosts, Anne then explains, it was only her who did the makeup. Now, trying for yet another time to redeem herself, she reads her line, but then again messes it up—sending more laughter to erupt in the studio. 

@gmanetwork #ItsShowtime #Highlights: Kaya ba today, Anne? ? Watch #ItsShowtime ? original sound – GMA Network

An honest mistake

“It’s Showtime” sees the most random of conversations among hosts—one of the most memorable for the online world  is their quick conversation about toads. Anne, of course, committed the blunder by saying “palakang puki” (female gentialia) instead of “palakang bukid’‘ in reference to a type of toad usually seen in rice fields. 

@ninamanzano08 palakang bukid ni @annecurtissmith #goodvibes #foryoupage #foryou #thankyoutiktok ? original sound – Niña Manzano – niña manzano

Anne—for all that she is as an actress and an entertainer—won’t be the same Anne that we know today if not for the funny moments she had on live television. After all, her silly blunders are what make her personable and appealing to her fans and supporters. 

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