Miss Universe’s Anne Jakrajutatip Makes Amends With Catriona Gray Over Distant Issue

Khun Anne comes up to Catriona Gray all arms and apologetic

The new owner of Miss Universe Organization Anne Jakrajutatip has admitted that she apologized to Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray over an undisclosed issue. The Thai business mogul recalled this in the April 9 episode of “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda.”

After the successful turnover from International Management Group to JKN Global Group, the new MUO owner has commenced a gala night in November 2022, graced by some of the pageant winners in the past. It included Philippines’ Catriona Gray, who met the new owner for the first time. 

Anne Jakrajutatip issue
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When host Boy Abunda asked about one particular event footage wherein the two seem to be in deep conversation, Anne explained that she asked for Catriona’s forgiveness. She says, “I respect her so much and it was the first time we came across, see each other, so I said, this is for real actually… I sincerely talked to her.” 

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Screengrab from JKN official YouTube Channel

She recalls introducing herself to Catriona and then proceeding to apologize for “whatever happened in the past.” Anne also shares that she is happy that the beauty queen was able to join them in Thailand and even said, “I love you my dear from the bottom of my heart.” 

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Why did Anne Jakrajutatip say sorry?

While it’s been clear that the two are on good terms, Anne opted out from disclosing why she apologized in the first place. She shares, “Of course, I don’t have to answer.”

“I just want to get it out from my chest. I just need to do it. From now on, we have to work together so just to put the past aside and don’t talk, don’t mention about it at all,“ she adds. 

The rife rumor of Anne Jakrajutatip’s romantic involvement with Catriona Gray’s ex-boyfriend model, Clint Bondadm was brought up once again. Speculations about their illicit relationship started making noise around October 2019—just a few months fresh from Clint and Catriona’s breakup in February of the same year. 

The MUO is currently in Manila to meet the executives of Miss Universe Philippines and spectate the upcoming coronation night at SM Mall of Asia Arena on Sunday, May 14. 

The new Miss Universe organization

In a new Miss Universe era where conventional rules are rejected to frontline an inclusive approach for transwomen and mothers, a new surge of pageant division has emerged.

As for Anne Jakrajutatip, who is also a transwoman, she does not care if the new rules leave anyone upset. As she puts it, “Social inclusion must be here now. We allow them to come in. We respect them. We give them the equal chance, the opportunity because we would love to honor every woman.”

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