Antoinette Taus Talks About Being Single, Wanting To Have Kids

Antoinette takes pride in being a childless adult in her forties

Antoinette Taus has aired her sentiments on accepting God’s perfect timing while tapping on singlehood issues and the possibility of having kids. 

The 42-year-old actress has graced a YouTube interview with journalist Bernadette Sembrano, wherein she answered how she finds fulfillment in living a single life 

Antoinette begins, “Ang weird ‘no? I feel like, sabi ko nga, it’s even the animated films that start conditioning our brains to think na, ‘Find you prince!’ Mga things like that.

“And so, I’m conditioned to think, I’m supposed to find my prince. And then I’m supposed to, I guess, maybe, have a career if I choose to and have children. Then live happily ever after. Kumbaga, di ba, that’s the, supposed to be the formula?” 

Antoinette Taus
Antoinette Taus
Screengrab from Bernadette Sembrano on YouTube

With these imposed concepts and pressures, Antoinette still believes that she has a choice, especially now that the world is becoming more accepting of progressive life routes. 

She says, “I think that’s the most beautiful thing about today—na mas open na talaga lahat to all these different things. Diversity, inclusion, and even, you know, being single without kids in your forties.”

Antoinette takes pride in embracing singlehood and being a childless adult, which she owes mainly to the “amazing” people she met in her life. She also adds that these people have been instrumental in her journey through the single life. 

Antoinette’s only known romantic affair in showbiz is with Dingdong Dantes—back when they were still talents of VIVA Artists Agency in the late ‘90s. 

The two of them were both mainstays in some youth-oriented shows, such as “TGIS” from 1997 to 1999 and “Anna Karenina” from 1996 to 2002. They also bannered some films, including “Honey, My Love, So Sweet” (1999) and “Kiss Mo ‘Ko” (1999).

Antoinette then moved to the United States to take care of her ailing mom and at the same time, try her luck in showbiz. At the time, Antoinette and Dingdong also ended their relationship.

After her relationship with Dingdong, Antoinette was no longer reported to be involved in a romance.

Antoinette Taus on adhering to God’s plan 

With so much fondness she has for kids, Antoinette has also tapped into the possibility of having her own, saying that she sometimes thinks about it. 

But would she ever? 

She reveals, “Today, alam na natin the various possibilities and I’m still wondering, and I honestly accept talaga. I accept whatever God’s in store for me.”

Part of Antoinette is a bit nervous though, since according to her, “Kahit naman wala akong dine-date iniisip ko, ‘Oh my gosh, am I ready to be a mother?’ Nakakatawa and I’m 42 and I’m saying that.” 

Antoinette Taus
Antoinette Taus
IMAGE: antoinettetaus on Instagram

If any, Antoinette draws inspiration and empowerment from all the people who have traversed the same routes. As she mentions, those people who do not have spouses, kids, or those who took a chance on love and failed. 

With that, Antoinette shares, “So, I refuse to believe that you have to fall into these boxes, into these parang stereotypes para masabing successful ka or ‘Uy, achieve na achieve ka sa buhay.’” 

Ultimately, she says that wherever life may usher her, it is for the greater cause of “embracing and believing our purpose. Painful or not, it’s there, somehow, to impact something better, I hope.”

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