Apple Music Classical

Apple to Launch Classical Music App

The app even has classical music-themed educational content

Apple will launch a new classical music app catering to the needs of classical music enthusiasts. The app, called “Apple Music Classical,” will provide users with a vast library of classical music, exclusive playlists, and curated content.

The app will offer to users access to classical music from different eras. It’ll also have the option to filter by composer, genre, era, and mood. Additionally, it will offer personalized recommendations based on the user’s listening preferences,

The app’s launch follows the increasing demand for classical music streaming services. The market share of classical music in the music industry is also growing today. Apple aims to tap into this market to provide a platform for classical music lovers.

Besides the extensive music library, the app will feature exclusive playlists. These will cover various themes, moods, and occasions, from calm compositions to lively songs.

Apple Music Classical
Photo By Apple

The app will also offer educational content. These include podcasts, interviews with renowned musicians and conductors, and classical music history and theory articles.

The Apple Classical app will be available on iOS and iPadOS devices. Apple will integrate the app with Apple Music. This will allow users to switch between the two apps with ease.

The launch date for the app has yet to be announced, but sources suggest that it will be available later this year.

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