Awra Gets Arrested For Alleged Mauling Incident In Makati, Friends Show Support

Awra remains in detention as she faces physical injuries and assault charges.

Criminal charges have been filed against Awra Briguela after her arrest outside a pub in Makati City following an alleged brawl with several individuals including employees of the bar that she and her friends went to.

Awra, whose real name is McNeal Briguela, and who uses the pronoun she and her, was slapped with charges of physical injuries, alarm and scandal, disobedience to authority, and direct assault. Her case will be forwarded to the city’s prosecutor’s office for inquest proceedings.

Based on the report of the Southern Police District (SPD), Briguela allegedly caused trouble at the Bolt Hole Bar in Poblacion, Makati until she was apprehended by police at about 5 a.m. on Thursday, June 29, 2023.

Awra’s accuser

The 19-year-old Kapamilya star allegedly started a fight with the group of complainant Mark Christian Ravana, as seen in a viral video circulating online.

Police said Awra and her friends reportedly approached and confronted Mark, demanding that he remove his shirt. When Mark declined Awra allegedly followed him and tore his shirt, sparking a heated argument, which escalated after the celebrity’s friends joined in, said police.

Mark and Angelo Nino Gulmatico, a bouncer at the bar, then sought the assistance of the Poblacion Police Substation, whose officers immediately responded to the area. Awra, however, resisted arrest and allegedly used profane language while police officers tried to handcuff her, as seen in the viral video.

Mark and Angelo’s allegations, however, were disputed by Awra’s friend, content creator Zayla Nakajima who claimed in a now-deleted Facebook post, that Mark had tried to sexually harass her, and that latter merely defended her and their group.

Police said Awra is still in detention and will remain in custody until inquest proceedings.

Support for Awra

Hours after the incident, support for Awra flooded social media particularly on Twitter with a good number of netizens even going as far as tagging Makati Mayor Abby Binay for help.

“Awra” landed among Twitter’s top trending topics, as well as “Makati PNP” and “Poblacion,” where the incident took place. 

Awra’s friends and key figures in the local LBGTQIA++ society likewise defended and cried foul over what the Kapamilya star had to go through, particularly with the release of her mugshots.

One of Awra’s good friends, vlogger Riva Quenery shared that she immediately visited her friend upon learning of her detention. She questioned why Awra was the one behind bars when she was only defending someone.

Comedian Krissy Achino, who also happens to be one of Awra’ friends, appealed to the public to withhold speculations and criticisms against his friend.

“Drag Race Philippines” season 1 runner-up Marina Summers questioned the use of brute force in Awra’s nabbing while “Sparks Camp” host Mela Habijan called for justice regarding the harassment accusations against Awra.

Social media influencer Sassa Gurl pointed out that the incident is a clear attack on the community.

Finally, 2023 Quezon City Pride March director Rod Singh condemned the authorities for allegedly buying the accuser’s claims while citing the police’s anti-LGBTQIA++ actions in the past.

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