Balete City: The First Semi-Open World Game Based On Philippine Mythology

Join Aki’s mythological journey through culture, magic, nostalgia, and self-discovery.

Balete City started as a novel by Niley Bacolcol and has become an in-development role-playing game (RPG). 

It’s a third-person adventure RPG. The player will take on the role of Aki, a senior high school student. Aki just lost his brother in a strange incident inside Balete High School. With his best buds Sam and Theo, he will solve the school’s mysteries. 

Aki will learn that he is the last asog (male high priest from pre-Hispanic times). He can talk to the gods and goddesses of old. But before using his powers to the fullest, Aki must train to be a babaylan.

balete proto screen02
A sneak peek at the game’s prototype.

The developers of the game, Studio Enero, began working on it in 2019. Since then, they have been consistently working on the gameplay, lore, and technicalities to ensure a smooth and authentic game experience. 

This game is an absolute must-have because even if you remove the “Pinoy” from “Pinoy RPG,” it is still uniquely Filipino because of the mythology and culture it revolves around. 

Studio Enero collaborated with historians, indigenous tribes, talented artists, and universities to ensure that this game will be authentically and uniquely Filipino. 

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Pre-colonial creatures, cultures, deities, and languages will pop up in the game, and scholars and practitioners themselves authenticated them. 

This game will be made available on PC and console. Although there’s no confirmed release date for Balete City, they are now looking for beta testers and Patreon supporters to hasten the development process.

Watch this space for updates on this exciting new game!

Feature Image Daniella Sison

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