Famous League Of Legends Pro Gamer Biofrost Comes Out As Gay

Talk about a game changer!

The eSports community has always been a hetero-normative environment. But Digintas’ Vincent “Biofrost” Wang made a statement that changes everything. On May 8, Biofrost finally told the truth about his sexuality. In a lengthy tweet, he talked about how he came to terms with it.

“No child should have to feel like they don’t belong,” said Biofrost.

He first encountered bigotry and homophobia when he was a kid.

“Whenever I did something that wasn’t ‘manly,’ I was told, ‘Why are you acting like a girl?’ and to stop being gay,” he said. “I was hyper-conscious of how I should act and tried not to sound ‘gay,’ but I was still bullied at school for it.”

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Biofrost was once part of TSM and CLG. He joined Dignitas in November 2021. Homophobia followed him everywhere. His eSports career was no exception.

Biofrost’s best friend Peter Peng aka Doublelift elaborated on this on Twitch. Doublelift said Biofrost wasn’t open to conversations about relationships. He was afraid of discrimination.

“It takes courage to post something like this,” said Doublelift of Biofrost’s coming-out.

Love for Biofrost

The eSports community didn’t fail to show up for Biofrost. Fans and eSports personalities tweeted their support.

Biofrost has set an example for all queer people in eSports communities. Here’s hoping the scene will become more inclusive from here on out.

Featured Image Daniella Sison

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