BLACKSWAN Announces Judy And Youngheun’s Departure From Group

The group will continue with four members.

On July 31, 2022, DR Music announced that two BLACKSWAN members have graduated from the group. The label said that Judy and Youngheun’s departure was a result of discussions about the group’s future.

After failing to come to terms, Judy and Youngheun decided to leave the group to fulfill their new dreams.

BLACKSWAN continues with four members

Band members leaving their groups isn’t a new thing. It’s even less of a foreign concept when it comes to K-pop groups.

Think Super Junior, EXO, 2NE1, Big Bang, and so much more. Some members leave for a while for military enlistment. Some leave to pursue other things. There are also those who leave because of the group’s system.

BLACKSWAN promotes through an introduction and graduation system. This means that members can come and go, and the group will go on.

BLACKSWAN has had several member changes dating back to its time as the K-pop band Rania. Rania is a second-generation K-pop group that debuted in 2011. BLACKSWAN came to be in 2020 after several changes to its group name and member lineup.

An Instagram post confirmed that BLACKSWAN will continue as a four-member group. For now, at least.

Are new members coming?

As it stands, Leia and Fatou are the last remaining members of BLACKSWAN’s original lineup. The other two members, Sriya and Gabi, joined the group on May 26, 2022, through the Cygnus Project.

The statement on member departures mentioned introducing more talents through such projects. Fans are now wondering if more BLACKSWAN members are coming. DR Music did announce the second generation of the Cygnus Project after all.

DR Music’s Cygnus Project is open for global applicants. It’s worth noting that the current iteration of BLACKSWAN doesn’t even have a Korean member. Fatou is Senegalese-Dutch. Leia is Brazilian-Japanese. Gabi is Brazilian-Dutch. And Sriya is Indian.

Should BLACKSWAN add more foreign members or should they add a Korean?

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