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Bretman Rock Reveals He Wants To Try “Pinoy Big Brother” In “Paano Ba ‘To?” Interview

Bianca Gonzalez asks Bretman Rock: How do you balance being unapologetic and listening to feedback?

Host Bianca Gonzalez’s latest “Paano Ba ‘To?” episode with social media personality Bretman Rock has got many laughing and learning at the same time.

Rock, who is in the country for the launch of his autobiography, “You’re That Bitch: & Other Cute Lessons About Being Unapologetically Yourself,” has appeared on the podcast’s March 6, 2023 episode. The unabashedly candid episode has ranked #31 in Spotify’s Podcast Charts.

Paano Ba ‘To? With Bretman Rock

As with his book, their discussion revolved around personal topics such as his family, Filipino culture, and Rock’s “defining moment.”

“Funny enough is that my grandma has kids and each one of them has a gay son. Both sides of my family have so many gay people already. Which is why I saw myself even before I knew myself,” he says. 

He also added, “I feel like I didn’t know but grandma told me that I was gay before I knew what that word was.”

Rock’s childhood has been particularly memorable because of how he was embraced by his progressive family. In fact, to date, he can still vividly recall that he received his first blush on from his lola.

Meanwhile, although he speaks with palpable confidence, Rock confessed that it took a while before he was able to embrace his dark skin color. A topic that remains relevant to the Philippines with the continued rampancy of skin whitening ads.

“Well one of the reasons why I’ve embraced it is because I also grew up in Hawaii where the sun is beaming all the time. Everybody’s tan there and there is no point of trying to whiten myself, because I’m gonna get dark even if I just walk to school,” he laughingly explains.

But the major turning point according to The Baddest was when he went to an event in LA and was pulled to the side and was asked where he got his skin color.

“And I guess in LA they have to pay to do things to be dark and I’m just naturally dark. So, I guess finding out that people want to be dark made me feel so wanted. And I was like ‘Oh my god, I look so foreign!’” he realizes.

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Trying “Pinoy Big Brother”

Despite attaining international fame, Rock remains updated with the going-ons in the Philippines. In fact, one thing that he personally wants to try is to get inside the “Pinoy Big Brother” house.

“Yes! I truly would. Big Brother, I know you’re listening, bitch. Put me in. I’m serious. I feel like if I can do an architectural digest of the ‘PBB’ house, I feel like that would be so funny,” he says.

While he’s excited for that, being the Baddest Bitch might prove to be a problem.

“I really think that I would be the first one to be voted off, honestly, because i’m such a bitch. But I also think that I’m the type to be over it so fast that I would vote myself off or something,” he laughs off.

Rock rose to fame for his makeup tutorials and funny videos, which often highlight his Filipino roots.

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