It appears that Jimin’s two-year creative process for his solo album has paid off

Jimin of Korean supergroup BTS dropped the music video for his new solo single “Like Crazy” on Friday, March 24, 2023, just in time for the release of his debut solo album “FACE.”

The music video has since amassed 22.5 million views on YouTube and currently stands as the third trending video in the music category.

In the music video, Jimin is seen singing at a party while transitioning to a kitchen with flickering lights. He sings about being out of his mind while jumping between two locations.

After the successful release of “Set Me Free” a week ago, “Like Crazy” was similarly celebrated by ARMYs as it landed on Twitter’s top trends with the hashtags #Jimin_FACE and #LikeCrazy.

Jimin solo album: “FACE

Jimin had several interpretations for the title of his album. One of which is that “FACE” is about him facing himself head-on as he gets ready for his next step as a solo artist.

In an interview with Consequence, the singer shares, “This album talks about how I look back on myself and how I overcame… if people understand the emotions I’m trying to express, I’ll consider the album a success.”

Jimin also shared more about the album and its representation when he appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

“This album is—I think many are aware of it, but the album looks back on the emotions I felt chronologically throughout the pandemic. So, I would be happy if many people could relate to it,” he says.

According to reports, Jimin has been piecing together the album for the last two years. The singer has been steadily developing as both a lyricist and composer, so expectations were high for more credits under his name. 

It features six tracks including “Set Me Free” and “Like Crazy” which were co-written by fellow BTS member RM. Five out of the six songs were also participated in the creative process by Jimin, including the title track “Like Crazy” and its English version.

Jimin comes as the latest BTS member to release solo material, as part of the group’s “Chapter 2” which sees each member pursuing solo endeavors. He follows RM’s “Indigo,” Jin’s “The Astronaut,” and j-hope’s “Jack In The Box.”

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