BTS’ Suga Releases New MV With A Trigger Warning

Suga’s latest music video is for his emotionally-charged song “Amygdala”

Suga of the K-pop sensation BTS, also known as Agust D, presented his signature raw and vulnerable lyrics about his trauma, his childhood, and his family as he unveiled his latest music video titled “Amygdala” on April 25, 2023. 

The video which starts with a trigger warning on self-harm and suicide had the artist referencing the car accident he faced when he worked as a delivery boy before debuting with BTS, which then led to a shoulder injury.

“Amygdala” is a song off his newly-released solo album “D-Day.”

A day after its release and the video has already amassed 3.8 million views on YouTube.

In a recent interview with fellow K-pop singer IU, the 30-year-old rapper said “Amygdala” is one of the songs from his new album that he cherishes and loves the most.

The song takes its title from the part of the brain responsible for emotions.

“It was a song where I accessed my unconscious mind to see why this person called Min Yoon-gi exists until now,” Suga says, mentioning his birth name.

“This was a song that sorted my thoughts out,” he adds.

Following the album’s release, Suga is set to kick off his solo concert tour in the United States on April 26, 2023.

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Suga’s alter-ego

Suga first introduced his alter-ego Agust D back in 2016 with his self-titled debut mixtape as a vehicle to express those fiery emotions. 

The said thoughts were particularly spurred by his feeling of rejection by other artists and fans outside the K-pop realm and the fact that his rap credentials were not taken seriously now that he was a member of a boyband.

“I came up with the name because I had [this] hate, [this] anger inside me […] I couldn’t control that anger,” he explains in an interview with NME.

As years progressed, Suga acknowledges that there has been a transformation in him and Agust D. But it was not solely because the changes in his life are beyond his control.

“I still live as Suga of BTS and, as a person, Min Yunki,” he reasons. 

Instead, he characterizes that he changed because it is a natural part of one’s life cycle.

“Things change, situations change – people have no choice but to change,” he ends.

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