Cartoon Network To Reboot “Totally Spies!”

The show’s soft reboot will be coming to Cartoon Network in 2024

On April 27, Banijay Kids & Family, the production company behind “Totally Spies!,” announced that Warner Bros. Discovery would reboot the show for a seventh season.

“Totally Spies!” follows the adventures of three teenage girls named Sam, Clover, and Alex, who attend high school in Beverly Hills, California. The girls work as secret agents for the World Organization of Human Protection. The show is known for featuring everyday items like lipstick and hair brushes that transform into defense equipment. The agents use these weapons on their missions.

While the show’s latter seasons had the girls attend college, the upcoming seventh season will be a reboot. The trio will return to high school, move to a new city, and face a new set of villains.

According to Benoît Di Sabatino, the CEO of Banijay Kids & Family, the new season has been updated for a new audience. Still, it remains true to the elements that made the show famous, reflecting the modern challenges that high schoolers and spies face.

The character designs for the trio have been slightly modified in the upcoming season. But each one still wears their trademark latex jumpsuits, with Clover in red, Sam in green, and Alex in yellow. It is not yet clear whether the original voice actors for the trio will be returning for the seventh season.

Stephane Berry, who directed the show’s first five seasons, will be back too. The seventh season will follow the same format as the previous seasons, with 26 episodes that run for 22 minutes each.

The new season of “Totally Spies!” is set to premiere on Cartoon Network in the United States and Max in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in 2024. The exact premiere date has yet to be announced.

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