“Catching Feelings”: Inigo Pascual’s Remixed Song With Reggae Star J Boog

Inigo Pascual, son of veteran actor Piolo Pascual, has come out with another song to add to his belt of recent pop hits. This time, he’s partnered up with reggae star J Boog and Grammy-nominated producer Bimwala for an island-fresh remix of his original song “Catching Feelings”.

“Catching Feelings” was a 2019 hit, garnering around 10 million hits on Spotify and 1 milllion views with its official lyric video on Youtube.

The remix, which includes Pascual, the Moophs, and Samoan singer J Boog, was released this past December 2020 and is a cross-cultural collaboration that spans three different countries.

catching feelings bimwala remix ft j boog.png
Photo from ABS CBN

Pascual was born in the Philippines and raised in California, eventually settling down here in the Philippines to start his music career. J Boog, who’s known for his popular reggae hits, was born and raised in the Long Beach and Compton area of California, and now lives in Hawaii.

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Grammy-nominated reggae star J Boog
Photo from Reggae Rise Up

And Bimwala, on the other hand, is a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo; he also eventually moved to Hawaii to become a renowned musical producer and artist.  

Luckily, the stars aligned when Pascual and Bimwala were able to meet and discuss during the former’s promo world tour in Honolulu. Bimwala reportedly loved the sound of “Catching Feelings” and wanted to fuse it with island notes and reggae beats. The rest, you can say, was history.

Pascual’s music career was put on the map with his 2016 hit song “Dahil Sa’yo”. Since then, the young star has consistently put out music and has also been known to be a successful crossover artist.

Filipino crossover artist Inigo Pascual
Photo from PhilNews

In fact, you may even hear his voice on the official Coco soundtrack (for the Philippines) in the film’s signature song, “Remember Me”.

You can listen to the multicultural and island-beat “Catching Feelings” remix on Spotify, iTunes Store, and Youtube Music.


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