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Cheska Iñigo Speaks Up About Alex Gonzaga-Dina Bonnevie Past Encounter

Cheska Iñigo admits “may truth” with Alex Gonzaga’s issues on set but hopes to bury the issue

Character actress Cheska Iñigo was one of the artists dragged in the issue between Alex Gonzaga and Dina Bonnevie.

Iñigo is one of the cast members of “P.S. I Love You,” the 2011 show where Gonzaga and Bonnevie worked on together. Early this year, the incident where Bonnevie berated Gonzaga because of her alleged tardiness on the shoot became talked-about in the media. This stemmed from Gonzaga’s viral incident where she smeared cake on the forehead of a waiter on her birthday celebration.

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In Bonnevie’s interview on “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda,” she mentions the names of Cheska Iñigo, Nadine Lustre, and Gabby Concepcion as some of the actors who got irked at Gonzaga’s tardiness and urged Bonnevie to talk to her.

“Artists grow, artists mature.”

During the recent press conference for “Hearts On Ice,” FreebieMNL and another columnist talked to Iñigo and asked her about her thoughts on the issue.

Iñigo lets out a reverberating laugh upon hearing the question. She then goes on to explain her piece on the issue. “I would like to be very very fair to everyone involved in that discussion, ano. It’s been many many years. Artists grow, artists mature, artists learn. So, I would like to think na for the people involved in the production, lahat kami, hindi lang—sabihin ko na, ayoko sana mag-name—si Alex.”

The “Encantadia” actress wants to believe that everybody involved on the set has learned from the incidents that happened on the show.

She continues, “I think everybody learned. Some people learned to be patient. Some people learned what is expected of them. I would like to think na if you bring all of us together now, it will be something we can all laugh about. Pwede nang pagtawanan yun, di ba? Minsan, it comes with age, e.”

As an actress, Iñigo hopes that people will finally put an end to the issue about an incident that has happened ages ago. “So, sana, pakiusap ko bilang isang artista na maging forgiving din tayo. ‘Tapos ilibing na natin ‘tong issue na ‘to, guys; kasi kawawa rin naman si Alex.”

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The truth in Cheska Iñigo’s POV

Iñigo admits that, since the show, she has not worked with Gonzaga. In fact, she was not even around when the incident between her and Bonnevie happened. She says, “I haven’t worked with her since pero ang balita ko naman, wala naman akong naririnig na incidents na ganun. And for the record, I think people were under the impression na I was there noong araw na nangyari yung incident, wala po ako. May taping ako that day pero wala po ako sa set nila. So, hindi po ako witness, hindi po ako saksi sa nangyari.”

But was she offended that her name was dragged in the issue?

She answers in honesty: “To be fair, natawa ako. Natawa ako kasi—guys, ang luma. Ang luma na noong ganap, ang luma na noong incident. Sabi ko nga, na-bring up lang kasi may mga nasabi, I think, nasabi lang. Nakwento lang kasi sa akin ano.”

However, she affirms that indeed, Gonzaga would come late to the set. But just like what Bonnevie said, after the confrontation, no incident happened on set anymore.

She narrates, “Natawa lang naman ako kasi may truth. May truth. Late talaga, di ba? May truth naman to what was said. I just really feel like that’s part of—the younger actors—part of their maturity or their learnings. So, after that, I assume, I would like to assume. Hindi ko na siya nakatrabaho ulit, e, so I cannot speak. I cannot speak for her. I can tell you that after that incident happened sa show noon, wala na akong problemang na-encounter, wala na akong issue na.”

Iñigo believes that Gonzaga had come out as a better actress after her confrontation with Bonnevie. She says, “It only takes one time naman, di ba? Tao lang tayo, e, kapag napagsabihan tayo, tatanggapin mo. You try and be better. That’s human nature, you try and be better. I would like to believe that she is trying to be better.”

Cheska Iñigo respects Dina Bonnevie

Iñigo also maintains her respect to Bonnevie, who is known to speak out her mind and not fret in issues she encounters. “At the same time, we all know Dina. She is one of the most prangka, most honest, most forward people I know, and I respect her for that. So, for whatever reason she decided to talk about it, she has her reasons, and I respect her for that. Pero yun nga, balik ako sa pakiusap ko, sara na natin yun, guys. Let’s move on. Ang dami nang ibang ganap.”

Iñigo, however, is aware of the stories that have been coming out on social media about Gonzaga’s alleged negative comment. But she maintains her position towards it.

She says, “I don’t know, ang hirap magsalita kasi di ko na nakatrabaho si Cathy, e, di ba? Hindi ko na alam. Ako, sa experience ko noong patapos na ng show, wala na akong naging issue. Wala na akong naging problema. So, personally, I’m okay with Alex, I respect her as a person and as an actress. What the others have experienced with her, I cannot speak for them and it will be unfair for me to comment.”

Cheska Iñigo now works with younger stars in GMA Network’s “Hearts On Ice,” where she plays the role of Xian Lim’s mother.

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