Chris Evans’ Fantastic 4 Team To Return In “Deadpool 3”

Just how many characters are going to be in this movie?!

After years of amusing us as Captain America, Chris Evans is now in talks to return to the MCU, but not as Steve Rogers.

Several sources have stated that Wade Wilson will explore the multiverse in the upcoming “Deadpool 3.” He will jump through the different universes and bring in many MCU characters with him.

Hugh Jackman has already stated that he will reprise his role as Logan and Wolverine in “Deadpool 3.” And there are new rumors suggesting that Chris Evans will only appear as Johnny Storm.

Culture Spider, a reporter specializing in Marvel news, tweeted information on “Deadpool 3.” The reporter stated in the article that Chris Evans might return as Johnny Storm AKA Human Torch. The news comes weeks after the Fantastic Four’s alleged comeback to the film. Daniel Richtman also stated that “Deadpool 3” would include Chris as Human Torch. He will revisit past Fox worlds alongside Wade Wilson Cable’s time-travel machine.

Chris Evans’ return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain America is something fans surely want. But if he’s returning as our favorite “Fantastic 4” hero instead of Cap, we’ve got no complaints!

Although nothing’s confirmed about Evan’s character, the rumors are all pointing to one direction. There are so many surprises that could pop up in another MCU multiverse movie.

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