Here’s Daniela Stranner’s Take On Playing Mean Girl Roles

Daniela shared how she feels about fans comparing her to Claudine Barretto

Star Magic actress Daniela Stranner openly discussed the challenges and joys of portraying the role of Z in ABS-CBN’s teen drama series “Senior High.”

The Kapamilya actress acknowledged both the pressure and enjoyment that came with it.

During a recent media conference organized by her talent agency, Star Magic, Daniela has expressed surprise at the positive reception to her portrayal.

She says, “I was actually surprised kasi wala lang, I was just doing my job and stuff like that. Yun pala, maganda na pala yung nalalabas ko. People are inspired sa akin like that, so, natutuwa po ako. And it’s kind of being pressured, but it’s a good kind of pressure.”

While noting that a protagonist role can be “more comfortable,” Daniela prefers to do an antagonist role because it challenges her more. But what she likes most about playing kontrabida is that she gets to explore her emotional range like what she did in “Senior High.”

She reveals, “Nakapag-explore ako na baliw ako. Nakapag-explore ako na nagwawala, na galit ako, na to the point yung pinaka galit-galit ko.

“So, maybe it’s exploring different kinds of things because being a kontrabida, it’s like the worst, e. And once you’ve experienced the worst, you can do a lot of things. So, that’s what I enjoyed the most about it.”

Daniela Stranner on being compared to young Claudine Barretto

Meanwhile, the Filipino-German rising star has been likened by some to the young Claudine Barretto because of her looks and acting performance.

“I’m flattered po, honestly,” Daniela says in reaction to the comparisons to Claudine.

“I’ve been reading comments like that as well, and I haven’t watched any of her movies yet, but I saw some clips on TikTok, sa mga shows niya and stuff like that.

“I heard that she was one of the popular actors in her days and one of prettiest, so, I’m really flattered to be compared to her.”

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When it comes to having a love team, Daniella says that she does not prefer to be in one just yet.

She explains, “Honestly, I don’t wanna be stuck to one person because I like to explore more. I wanna be the type of actress who can work with anyone because you will learn a lot from every actor you work with.

“So, I wanna try muna ng iba, and maybe in the future, when I’m satisfied already, I will. But right now, I wanna explore more.”

The 21-year-old actress doesn’t mind accepting daring roles. “Whatever it is that will be offered, if it’s a good story and a good character, I’m open to it,” Daniela shared.

Daniela was first discovered in a mall in 2017. She soon joined the prestigious Star Magic Circle in 2018. She then became part of Star Cinema’s roster of talents under Rise Artist Studio, marking key milestones in her career.

She gained recognition for her role in the 2021 film “Love At First Stream” with Anthony Jennings, Kaori Oinuma, and Jeremiah Lisbo.

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