Development Continues On Philippine Mythology Game ‘Balete City’

Amazing effects and fun gameplay are coming now that restrictions have been loosened.

In 2019, Studio Enero launched the development of Balete City. They called it the Philippines’ first-ever semi-open world game. But when the pandemic hit, development slowed down. 

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Fans wondered if the developers’ hiatus meant they shelved the game. But in an exclusive interview with Studio Enero, its CEO Niley Bacolcol belied the rumors. He said the game is still in development.

Check out the game’s trailer.

The pandemic forced them to postpone events and fundraising activities. But they’ve since gotten back on track and made huge updates to the game. Before, all they shared was concept art (see below).

They’ve been working to give fans a playable demo by 2022, packed with more lore and gameplay. They also shared exclusive game demos with FreebieMNL. We embedded two here, and you can check out another one here.

Doesn’t this look amazing? Video: Studio Enero

Recently, donations from Patreon supporters rolled in, enabling Studio Enero to keep working on Balete City. A crowdfunding campaign is coming soon to raise funds for the full game, so keep your eyes peeled!

Feature Image Daniella Sison

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