Dina Bonnevie Speaks Up About Past Incident With Alex Gonzaga

Dina Bonnevie recalls Alex Gonzaga would get mad at Nadine Lustre for being able to cry first in their scene!

Veteran actress Dina Bonnevie finally confirms all speculations that she confronted Alex Gonzaga on the set of a TV show.

In 2018, Bonnevie shared in an interview where she confronted a young actress she worked with because of work ethics. She even described the moment as “Talagang...I gave her hell.”

The confrontation happened after the actress came in late to set, with Bonnevie and her co-actors already staging a walkout for waiting for hours.

Bonnevie recalls telling the actress, “Who do you think you are? Are you famous? Who are you? What name have you made? Have you carved your name in stone in showbiz? Your call is at 9 o’clock and you come down from your van at 12 o’clock na naka-pyjama? Really?”

The video went viral online and people kept guessing the actress she was talking about. One of the names that came out was Alex Gonzaga. Bonnevie and Gonzaga worked together in the TV5 teleserye “P.S. I Love You” in 2011.

Just recently, Gonzaga opened up on her podcast and alluded to an “older actress” that got her traumatized after an incident: “Pinagsisigawan ako ng isang artistang matanda. Pinagsisigawan talaga niya ako from head to foot, everything. Akala niya, galing ako sa bahay, late lang ako, hindi niya alam na galing ako sa work kasi siguro hindi sinabi sa kanya.”

Gonzaga also added that through the years, the actress was “painting me as the bad guy.”

Dina Bonnevie speaks up about Alex Gonzaga

In Bonnevie’s interview on “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” on Tuesday, January 31, the veteran actress narrates the whole context of her blind item in the 2018 interview.

First, she finally confirms that indeed, she was talking about Gonzaga in that interview, and that it happened 12 years ago.

But then, she quickly clarifies, “It didn’t come naman without reason. I mean, we were working together. Kaya lang kasi, it didn’t only happen once, twice, thrice. So, hindi lang naman ako. There were other co-workers who were also getting irked about yung working habit niya or the way she was working with us.”

Bonnevie shares that she and her other co-stars, Gabby Concepcion, Cheska Inigo, and Nadine Lustre, were already talking about Gonzaga’s behavior on the set. Bonnevie says, “Nobody had the strength or the audacity to come up to her and talk to her. So, okay, ako ang magiging spokesperson.”

However, she clarifies, “Hindi rin totoo na pinagsisigawan ko [si Alex] ng ulo hanggang paa. Kasi yung setting namin, nasa simbahan. There was a chapel there, it was somewhere in Antipolo.”

Dina Bonnevie and Alex Gonzaga’s confrontation

According to Bonnevie, she was urged to confront Gonzaga when she came late again during that taping day and her co-stars already threatened to walk out.

She recalls, “That morning, late na naman siya. Nagpipigil na kami noon. Parang, ‘Hah!’ Umuusok na lahat sila, ‘I’m gonna walk out of this set if you don’t tell her up. You gottaa tell her up, D, hindi ko na kaya!’ Ganyan-ganyan. ‘Ako ba?’ O sige, ako lang naman ang may lakas ng loob.”

Based on Bonnevie’s story, Gonzaga left during their lunch break. When she returned, she seemed to have just taken a bath, which meant a longer waiting time again as she still had to do her makeup.

The veteran actress continues, “So, anyway, wala pa akong sinabi, hanggang sa lunch break, umalis na naman siya. Pag-alis niya, pagbalik niya, basa yung buhok, walang makeup, so, we had to wait na naman for another three hours bago makapag-take. E, siyempre, kumukulo na yung dugo ng lahat.”

More than that, Gonzaga cannot get the right emotion for the scene, says Bonnevie. “Ako naman, sabi ko, kasi may eksena siya na dapat iiyak siya, e, parang mommy niya ako noon, hindi siya makaiyak. Sabi ko, ‘Alex, you know why you cannot cry? Because you’re not in touch with your emotions. You’re very indifferent to your co-workers. You know, honestly, I want to talk to you kasi we don’t like what you’re doing, that you’re always late.'”

Gonzaga reasoned out that “marami akong ganap” in a defensive tone, which Bonnevie replied, “Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I’m trying to talk to you in a nice…”

But Gonzaga answered: “E, hindi kasi hindi niyo nakikita yung side ko.”

That was when Bonnevie reprimanded the actress-TV host: “Sabi ko, ‘Hindi pa ipinapanganak ang babastos sa akin, Alex. Please, kinakausap kita nang maayos. If you want to stay long in this business, you cannot last kung ganyan ang attitude mo na palagi kang late. Dito ka pa maliligo sa set and you cannot even memorize your lines. Hindi ka makaiyak.’”

Bonnevie also mentions in the interview that Gonzaga would get mad at Lustre when she was able to cry first.

The veteran actress continues, “Anyway, long and short of it, sabi ko, ‘I’m not talking to you like this because I want to put you down. I want you to succeed in your career. I want you to be great.’ Siya kasi yung banner star ng Channel 5 and, okay, sige, I get that. But sabi ko, ‘Granting na galing ka sa trabaho…’ Sabi niya, ‘Hindi naman ako galing sa bahay. Galing ako sa trabaho kasi marami akong booking. Alam ng mommy ko yan. Gusto mo kausapin mo pa yung mommy ko.’

Sabi ko, ‘Bakit ko kakausapin yung mommy mo? The thing is you made a commitment to come to this taping. You have to come early. It didn’t only happen once… Ang dami nang beses. Nakakapagod na rin.’”

Bonnevie says that the conversation ended well, both of them in tears. She also clarifies that they are on good terms. They also met each other recently when Bonnevie did a guest appearance on “Lunch Out Loud,” where Gonzaga is the main host.

ps iloveyou
The stars of TV5’s P.S. I Love You in 2011 (L-R): Gabby Concepcion, Dina Bonnevie, Alex Gonzaga, Kean Cipriano, Nadine Lustre, and AJ Muhlach

Dina Bonnevie’s 2018 interview and Alex Gonzaga’s podcast

According to Bonnevie, she did not expect that her 2018 interview would blow up on social media over and over again.

She recalls that she was just asked by a member of the press: “Meron na bang artistang nag-prima donna sa ‘yo?”

When she said yes, another asked if it’s true that she has once reprimanded Gonzaga in the past, to which she said “Oo, pero tapos na yan. Yes, I gave her hell.”

She then tells Abunda, “Pero hindi ko naman alam na ilalabas yun after so long. Paulit-ulit na ilalabas sa social media.”

Since they are also okay with each other, Bonnevie was surprised with Gonzaga’s podcast revelation. She says, “Okay kami kaya ako nagulat na bakit dumating yung parang matandang artista and you’re painted as the bad guy. Doon ako nainis kasi painting you as a bad guy is inventing stories to make you look bad but I wasn’t inventing stories.

“But that’s past, it’s changed, nagbago naman siya bago matapos yung taping. Hindi ako galit sa kanya.”

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