DJ Patty Tiu Retires, Still Battling Cancer

One of the Philippines’ hottest DJs, she did her final spin this month after over a decade

Patty Tiu, a well-known DJ who’s been at it since 2011, did one last turntable session to wrap up her storied career.

Patty Tiu’s battle with esophageal cancer

In a Facebook post on January 20, 2022, Tiu explained that she hopes to change the world with the days she has left. Battling with esophageal cancer for years now, she shared that her body simply can’t take it anymore.

“[Much] as I want to keep it all, I’m going to have to choose, and because I know I’ve done it all, especially what I said I was going to do in DJing. It is time to answer my bigger calling. And that is Web 3. To focus and dedicate my remaining days to what will change communities, an entire society, even globally.”

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(Web3 involves cryptocurrency and blockchain, which Tiu says in another post is part of her “expertise in various industries such as NFC solutions, Communications … now including FinTech.”)

Patty Tiu chooses music

This isn’t Tiu’s first life-or-death journey, as she shared in an interview with Rappler.

Growing up, she experienced plenty of bullying that led to a suicide attempt. While she survived, her internal organs were damaged. She was even in a coma for several months, confined in an ICU.

Even after her diagnosis from doctors in 2011 when she started, she chose music.

Chemotherapy wasn’t something she opted for, but she has had three major operations and two other surgeries. Things came to a point when there had to always a pail on standby in whatever booth she was spinning at, since everything in her had a tendency to just come up at random. When Rappler interviewed her back in 2022, Patty mentioned that her symptoms were more evident than ever before.

She’s already been given a timeline of five to eight years; the cancer cells will start spreading.

“I was lucky to have been given this second life already. Whatever I’m able to [do], this is it,” Patty shared.

Patty Tiu did her last spin top culminate her DJ career at an electronic dance festival at Howlers Manila.

Patty Tiu started her career in 2011, and was half of the first-ever female DJ duo in Manila with Kat DJ: Deuce Manila.

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