ENHYPEN Fans Call Out Unprofessional Airport Check Of Members, Trend Globally

ENHYPEN fans were quick to stand up for their idols

Beloved seven-piece boy Korean boy group ENHYPEN just wrapped up their Manifesto 1st world tour in Manila. They were so in-demand that the supposed two-night extravaganza was extended, turning into a three-night tour! The group is composed of seven members: Heeseung, Jake, Jay, Jungwon, Niki, Sunghoo and Sunoo.

Unfortunately, the smash hit of their three sold-out shows in a row also came with an unfortunate incident leaving ENGENES fuming worldwide.

ENHYPEN fans shout: “Unprofessional, Embarrassing”

Like everyone else, the group members were subject to a security check at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) before departure as they headed back to South Korea. Unfortunately, their airport pre-departure screening was filmed and went viral for all the wrong reasons. The clip showed a female security officer clearly experiencing kilig and getting giggly as she frisked a member after he went through a metal detector.

The members were also asked to remove their masks, which has since been confirmed by the Department of Transportation (DOT)’s Office of Transportation Security (OTS) as not part of their procedure.

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ENGENEs expressed alarm as soon as the video started picking up on TikTok and Twitter.

One fan pointed out that the member being frisked by the female security officer in the viral clip is a minor. Ni-ki, ENHYPEN’s Japanese maknae, vocalist and main dancer, was born in December of 2005.

Twitter’s trending list blew up almost immediately with the words “UNPROFESSIONAL,” “Nakakahiya” (the Tagalog word for embarrassing or humiliating) and #MIAADoBetter. MIAA, on the other hand, stands for the Manila International Airport Authority.

“A Breach Of Security”

OTS administrator Mao Aplasca was interviewed by DZMM Teleradyo on the matter. He quickly clarified that they’re investigating to see if the person who took the video is a staff member, and that the security officer’s behavior was “unprofessional.”

Moreover, the staffer who did the frisking should have been male as well. Their protocols state that male travelers should be frisked by male officers while female travelers are frisked by women.

Part of the OTS’ official statement reads:

“The management is currently investigating the matter to determine the extent of violation committed based on existing rules and security screening protocols if any, and impose appropriate administrative sanctions, should it be necessary.

“While we understand the excitement brought about by the presence of these Korean artists, we remind not only our personnel, but all airport users, that unauthorized filming at our security screening checkpoints is not allowed as a matter of policy.”

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