Popular K-Dramas That Are Actually Adapted From Webtoons

Webtoons are popular in South Korea. Just like dramas with weekly episodes, people tune in to these comics until the author finishes the story. With this popularity, it’s no surprise then that a lot of the K-Dramas are based on digital manhwas. 

Want to know which dramas actually originated from webtoons? Here are a five popular K-Dramas you’ve probably watched and are actually adapted from webtoons!

True Beauty

True Beauty is an ongoing webtoon about a girl who is unfairly treated by the people around her because of her looks. Because of this, she masters the art of makeup and becomes the prettiest girl in her school. Because of this transformation, she lives a complicated double life. 

The casting for this drama was spot on – fans were especially pleased that Cha Eun-woo was cast as Su-ho. The webtoon is available on WEBTOON while the drama is available on Viu.

Sweet Home

sweet home
Photo from Bleeding Cool

Netflix’s hit show Sweet Home is actually based on a webtoon of the same name. Sweet Home follow a reclusive high school student who was forced to leave his home after a family tragedy. He then encounters monsters trying to wipe out humanity. The webtoon has a total of 140 chapters and is available for viewing on WEBTOON

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Itaewon Class

Photo form Ninenovel

Itaewon Class follows the ex-convict Saeroyi as he embarks on a life to make his father proud. Working on his pub is just one step into taking down the family who did his father wrong. The webtoon has a diverse set of characters that makes this story unique. You can read the webtoon on Tapas and watch the drama on Netflix!

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Kim Mi-so is the secretary to a handsome and arrogant VP of a major corporation. She’s been his perfect secretary for almost ten years but out of nowhere, she announces that she’s quitting. This webtoon will have you swooning and laughing as the Mi-so’s boss tries to convince her to stay. You can read the comic on Tappytoon and watch the drama on Netflix

Relive the stories of these dramas by reading and watching!

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